She graduated as a Nurse, Pediatric Nurse and Midwife

“Stage Intensif de Préparation á la Naissance Piscine” M.O. Thevenon-Sage-Femme. Polyclinic Marjorelle, Nancy, France (April 1997)

-Professional Experience:

*Saint Laurence´s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. Nurse

*Children Hospital Vall d´Hebro. Pediatric Nurse

*Midwife at the Women Care Program at the ICS, Assir Santa Coloma de Gramanet and other Assir centers like the ones ins Mollet and Granollers.

*Teaching staff at the College of Nursing Santa Coloma de Gramanet (currently Gimbernat)

*Visiting nurse at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, UK. Performed community work and house calls as well as a hospital staff.

*I taught at the Escola Universitària d´Infermeria Vall d´Hebró

*Manages and coordinates Aquamater, a center for pregnancy preparation in a water environment.

-Teaching Experience:

*Taught the subjects of “Pediatrics and Mother and Child” at the Universitarian School “Santa Coloma”, currently Escola Gimbernat.

*Taught “Maternal Nursing” at the Univesitarian Nursing School at the Hospital Vall d´Hebron from 1998 to 2004

*Key speaker on “Maternity training in a water medium” at the following Congresses:

-“A new approach to maternity education: training in the water” 6th National Congress, Madrid, November 1997

-“Maternity training by swimming. An alternative to the traditional trainings?” 1st Congress of the Catalan Association of Midwives. European Midwives, Barcelona, February 1997

-National Congress organized by the Association of Midwives, Madrid, October 1997

-Congress “Meetings on the Field of Gibraltar, Algeciras, October 1988

-Summit for Midwives. Granada, October 1998

-Special Rapporteur for the Master Program at the International University of Baeza in the subject of Sexual and Reproductive Health. Baeza, Andalucia, May 2003


*Professional Magazine for the College of Nursing, Barcelona. 1996

*Professional Magazine for Midwives “Maternal training in the Water” 2002, nº 7; 33-36.

*“Salut de la Dona a l’embaràs: Educació Maternal. Col•lecció Infermeria 21, capitol 2-8. Ed. DAE 2001.

-Traninings for Doulas/Midwives

*Professor and Director of many theoretical and practical trainings of Maternal Preparation in the Water for Midwives since 1996.

*The following trainings have been recognized by the “Institut d´Estudis de la Salut” and the correspondent official instituitons in the autonomous communities where they have been presented:

Catalunya, Andalucia, Castilla-León.

Pilot training in Granollers, April 1996; Barcelona, June 1997; Girona, February 1998; Tarragona, October 1998; Sevilla, June 1999; Cadiz, October 1999; Lleida 2001; Barcelona, June 2001; Valladolid, May 2003; Barcelona, June 2003-4-5-6-9-10

Aquamater Barcelona