It provides of a safe space where to develop the experience of the pregnancy in the company of a doula and other couples through the whole process.

It is necessary to allocate a time for “growing”, for “thinking” and for “feeling” while creating space in your life and heart to awaken your maternity/paternity. Sharing doubts and knowledge will help you decide how to better live this experience at the time that will prepare you for the delivery and the life that will follow with your son/daughter. The participation of the father in the water exercises facilitates his involvement through the pregnancy, feeling more connected to his partner and son/daughter. The water medium encourages the relationship between the couple and their complicity with this water work especially designed for them three.


In the water medium the muscles work in a holistic and harmonious fashion because of the lack of gravity and the flotation which prevent injuries in the mothers-to-be. The water facilitates the flexibility of the pelvis and relieves tension on the joints. We work on the muscles that are involved in the pregnancy and promote the delivery movements. We practice conscious breathing which helps broaden the breathing power.

The water contact with the body in movement provides a micro massage that helps the return circulation. The relaxation and the bonding with the unborn baby are favored by the aquatic medium. From day one we are able to work towards the delivery, the breathing and the empowering of the mother.

Aquamater Barcelona