In many ancient cultures, belly dance is related to fertility and motherhood. It works on the muscles that support the baby, and with its movements helps prepare the pelvis for the delivery.

There are many the benefits of this dance to the pregnancy and after the delivery.

The soft and round movements rock the baby and create special moments that promote the bond.

It helps in preventing varicose veins and swollen legs, favoring the blood circulation with its rhythmic movements.

It improves digestion and elimination.

Works on the thoracic area promoting proper and deep breathing.

Strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor preventing many subsequent problems.

Improves the consciousness of all the body muscles that play a role during the pregnancy and the delivery and encourages proper alignment.

Being a sensual and very feminine dance, it promotes self-esteem, enhances the mood, and reduces stress by creating a fun and playful environment with inspiring music.

It helps to move, strengthen, stretch, discover and feel all the body parts that are involved in the process of giving birth.

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