This is a space in which we offer you different trainings with the intention of making the experience of learning and enjoyable one. We provide you with resources to help you connect with yourself, your partner, your children, grandparents etc. . We believe the family is the foundation for the autonomous and harmonious growth of any human being.

It is in a liquid environment, the amniotic fluid, where the development of all human beings begins to take place. Aquamater uses water because it relates to the origin of life and for its number of therapeutic properties. Water is the big canvas, and the couple and their baby are the lead players. The Aquamater technique promotes a three way interconnection, favoring the bond between the mother, the father and the baby.

"There is nothing as empowering for the child as the experience of already feeling loved and wanted from the uterus" Thomas Verny (The loving bond with the child to be born).

In 1996, after being trained in France, Maria Àngels Santandreu and Rosa Sans developed their own training method for doulas. They taught extensively through Catalonia and Spain. It is at this moment when the ICS (Catalan Institute of Health) recognizes the value of their training and it includes it in the syllabus of their trainings for midwives. In 2002, M. A. Santadreu decides to take a step forward and creates the Aquamater technique for couples. In 2014 Aquamater Associació is born.