This is a space in which we offer to find courses where learning using the enjoyment and experience Facilitaros resources to help connect with yourself , with your partner , children , grandparents etc. . We believe the family is the basis for an autonomous and harmonious growth of any human being .

Where liquid is anmiótico gestation of being humano.un liquid medium is developed. Aquamater uses water as it relates to the origin of life in addition to their various therapeutic properties . Water is the big frame and the couple and their baby protagonistas.La Aquamater technical bid to boost an interconnect three favoring the mother, father and son bond.

"There is nothing that a child foundation as solid as the experience and from the uterus feel loved and wanted " Thomas verny ( The bond with the child to be born ) It MAsantandreu in 1996 with his partner Rosa Sans After training in France he designed his own method of training courses matronas.Realizan in Catalonia and various cities of the state Apartir Spanish .. and this time the ICS (Catalan Institute health ) training of health recognizes this concern and included in the training and activities of the midwife . In 2002 Santandreu decides to go one step further and make the Aquamater technique for couples.